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"We encourage and aim for the inclusiveness and dignity of every homeless person"
Theo Lens

Every homeless person needs a friendly word - a dialogue - to experience dignity and to cherish hope. This simple human starting point is the basis for the actions of the foundation. The main mission of the foundation is to stimulate dignified contact with homeless people - and thereby their inclusiveness in the community.

The foundation calls with positive actions to get involved with homeless people, by greeting, approaching, or indirectly supporting them. The foundation and its ambassadors offer a future perspective wherever possible or support to individual homeless people on their way back to a life away from the streets. In addition, the foundation wants to contribute directly and indirectly to homeless people to be able to live safely.


To stimulate the inclusiveness and dignity of every (homeless) person

The foundation aims to support initiatives that lead to:
"An inclusive society and communities in which the vulnerable - homeless - person is not socially avoided or disparaged,but naturally greeted with attention and offered opportunities to feel worthy, to be able to recover as a person and to go the way to to (re) find a better existence.
The foundation wants to stimulate the inclusiveness and dignity of every homeless man, by offering them more ground and welcoming as a person, simply because homelessness is never a truly voluntary choice, and everyone needs a home in the community. has, and furthermore, everything related in the broadest sense. '

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